Sarah Monette

Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear: The Tempering of Men

I read the first novel in this trilogy, A Companion to Wolves, together with Leander from The Idle Woman blog and urge you all to read her excellent review to get an idea of what it is about.



Book Diary – Shadow Unit 2

Shadow Unit 2 by Amanda DownumThis is the second volume of the virtual TV show, consisting of three episodes/novellas with a sprinkling of shorter pieces from Season 1. Focus here is mainly on the individual cases, with some character development thrown in, and a few hints towards the bigger picture. The middle story by Emma Bull failed to grab me for some reason, but the other two are nail-bitingly, edge-of-your-seat-sittingly intense. Characterization deserves a special mention, not only the way the individual characters are drawn with just a few significant strokes, but also how their relationships are mapped out – it is a joy to watch them interact with each other.