Sarah Monette

Elizabeth Bear / Katherine Addison: The Cobbler’s Boy

I have been a fan of both Elizabeth Bear’s and Katherine Addison’s / Sara Monette’s individual works for a long time, and also loved the Fantasy trilogy they have written together, so of course when I read they had collaborated on another novel, getting that was a no-brainer.


Book Diary – Shadow Unit 2

Shadow Unit 2 by Amanda DownumThis is the second volume of the virtual TV show, consisting of three episodes/novellas with a sprinkling of shorter pieces from Season 1. Focus here is mainly on the individual cases, with some character development thrown in, and a few hints towards the bigger picture. The middle story by Emma Bull failed to grab me for some reason, but the other two are nail-bitingly, edge-of-your-seat-sittingly intense. Characterization deserves a special mention, not only the way the individual characters are drawn with just a few significant strokes, but also how their relationships are mapped out – it is a joy to watch them interact with each other.