Reading Projects

At any given time I tend to have a number of reading projects going. Those can be declared or undeclared, can be successful or fall totally flat, can be centred around a theme, an author or just a lengthy series. I thought it might be convenient (for me, at the very least, but maybe – hopefully – even for a reader or two) to have all of those – past and present, successful or not – listed in one place, with links to the posts belonging to them (assuming there are any, of course).

Ali Smith – all of her novels and short story collections. I’m a bit stalled on that one, but not for lack of enthusiasm (I have loved every book by her I have read so far), rather by an excess of it as her works are really something to savour and I just do not seem to find the time for that recently. I am confident I will continue, however – posts are here.

Year of the Fantasy Classic – the first and so far only challenge by another blogger I ever took place in. The sign-up post with all the links can be found here.

Fafrd and Grey Mouser – part of the above challenge, I’ve read and posted on all seven volumes of the series. Links in the challenge post here.

John Le Carré – I am reading through all of his novels in chronological order (after starting with The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and jumping back). I did not manage to write a post on every single one, but at least on the majority; you can find them here.

Iceland and Beyond – my first official themed reading project which went along and was quite fun to do. Introductory post here.

Westward Ho! – my second official themed reading project which fell totally flat on its face: I did not read a single one of the books listed in 2014. I might someday, however – if I ever do, you can find the links here.

Aubrey-Maturin – a read through the complete series (well, minus the last, unfinished one, which I’m planning on skipping) of historical novels by Patrick O’Brian, with at least a brief post on every single one. I’m still on course for this one, find the posts here.

A Passage Through India – my third themed reading project which I’ve kept unofficial after the Western debacle. Introductory (kind of) post here.

António Lobo Antunes – Yet another author I am planning on reading all his works, at least as far as they have been translated into a language I can understand (or I might just learn Portugese – I think his novels would actually merit the effort). Not sure how many novels I will actually post on, but what there is you can find here.

WTF,  USA? – My attempt to find out what the hell is going on on the other side of the Great Pond by reading several books I find pertinent. Introductory post here.

Classic Chinese novels. – My (even if I say so myself) heroic attempt to read all six Classic Chinese novels, plus some related (more or less) stuff. Introductory post here.


    1. Frankly, I am something of a snob when it comes to literary awards. I may check long- or shortlists for something that looks interesting but tend to ignore who actually wins, and if I end up reading an award-winning work it will be by coincidence most of the time.
      Also, that list is woefully out of date (as of course is the whole blog, which is pretty much dead at the moment), my biggest current reading project is to make my way through all of George Simeonon’s Maigret novels. Not very likely there will ever be post here on any of those, though. 😉

      1. There are a lot of lists I avoid as well. Anything where plot is replaced by culturural exploration, for example. That tends to include a lot of books written in the last 3 decades, and most popular books.
        Nevertheless, I don’t research the books I’m planning on reading. There’s an important surprise if you start reading a book without any prior knowledge of its subject.
        For the last few years, I’ve been reading primarily as researching for different writing projects I’m planning.

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