Reading Projects

At any given time I tend to have a number of reading projects going. Those can be declared or undeclared, can be successful or fall totally flat, can be centred around a theme, an author or just a lengthy series. I thought it might be convenient (for me, at the very least, but maybe – hopefully – even for a reader or two) to have all of those – past and present, successful or not – listed in one place, with links to the posts belonging to them (assuming there are any, of course).

Ali Smith – all of her novels and short story collections. I’m a bit stalled on that one, but not for lack of enthusiasm (I have loved every book by her I have read so far), rather by an excess of it as her works are really something to savour and I just do not seem to find the time for that recently. I am confident I will continue, however – posts are here.

Year of the Fantasy Classic – the first and so far only challenge by another blogger I ever took place in. The sign-up post with all the links can be found here.

Fafrd and Grey Mouser – part of the above challenge, I’ve read and posted on all seven volumes of the series. Links in the challenge post here.

John Le Carré – I am reading through all of his novels in chronological order (after starting with The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and jumping back). I did not manage to write a post on every single one, but at least on the majority; you can find them here.

Iceland and Beyond – my first official themed reading project which went along and was quite fun to do. Introductory post here.

Westward Ho! – my second official themed reading project which fell totally flat on its face: I did not read a single one of the books listed in 2014. I might someday, however – if I ever do, you can find the links here.

Aubrey-Maturin – a read through the complete series (well, minus the last, unfinished one, which I’m planning on skipping) of historical novels by Patrick O’Brian, with at least a brief post on every single one. I’m still on course for this one, find the posts here.

A Passage Through India – my third themed reading project which I’ve kept unofficial after the Western debacle. Introductory (kind of) post here.

António Lobo Antunes – Yet another author I am planning on reading all his works, at least as far as they have been translated into a language I can understand (or I might just learn Portugese – I think his novels would actually merit the effort). Not sure how many novels I will actually post on, but what there is you can find here.

WTF,  USA? – My attempt to find out what the hell is going on on the other side of the Great Pond by reading several books I find pertinent. Introductory post here.

Classic Chinese novels. – My (even if I say so myself) heroic attempt to read all six Classic Chinese novels, plus some related (more or less) stuff. Introductory post here.

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