This blog is not at all what it was supposed to be when I started it – back then, I meant to mainly write about my Second Life, with occasional forays into other stuff that caught interest. My Second Life not really being any more interesting than my First one, the focus moved gradually away from it, and after some hreaks where I did not post anything at all, it now (almost four years after starting it, as I’m writing this) it has pretty much turned into a pure book blog. Which is actually fine with me. I considered giving up my virtual persona as author of this blog, but after some rumination decided to stick with Heloise after all, as I’m feeling quite comfortable with her.

One caveat: I can stress enough that is not, I repeat: not a review blog – not only because I do not read a lot of new releaseses,  but also, and mainly, because I make no pretense to be objective or attempt at being analytical – all I’m setting out to do on this blog is to give impressionistic, entirely subjective ramblings on any books I happen to have read. The difference between the “Book Diary” and the “What I’m Reading” entries is merely one in word count (and that the latter have a cover picture of the book they’re about).

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