My Year in Reading 2016

As awful as 2016 was in nearly every other aspect, it was a greating reading year for me. For the first time ever I took a Goodreads reading challenge and made my goal of 150 books easily and read 179 books with an average of 335 pages, which isn’t bad. But the reading was great not just in quantity but also in quality – as I struggle to remember what exactly I read, the books that stand out are J.J. Voskuil’s massive novel of office life, Het Bureau and of course my foray into the Classic Chinese novel – four of which I’ve read so far and have been enjoying immensely, so that I’m quite confident that I will be reading the remaining two in 2017. For anyone curious, here is a link to Goodread’s nifty page of My Year in Books.

Quite obviously, the amount of my reading done last year is in no way reflected in this blog. I have not counted, but my estimate is that 2016 may well have seen the lowest amount of posts ever since I dedicated myself to book blogging; weirdly enough there has a been an overall increase in visitors (it’s still a very, very low number per day, but stil somewhat higher than it used to be), accompanied, I think, with an all-time low in comments. Obviously, I’m not very happy with that state of affairs – but not unhappy enough to actually write any more blog posts, in fact I’m in the middle of another dry spell now. Which I may get over or may not, one will have to see.

I don’t feel optimistic enough for any new year’s resolutions, so there will be none this time.

And finally, a happy new year to anyone who happens to read this in actual prosimity to the start of 2017. Have a music video, from one of the great musicians who died in 2016 and whose passing did not get nearly the attention he deserved.



  1. Ta-dah, have a comment from me 🙂 Ooh, look at your little snowflakes dancing across the screen. How very festive. Personally I would go by the number of people looking at the blog rather than those who comment – so many people seem to like to lurk around without saying hello. Grrr. I know that quite a few people have followed my links to come and see what you’ve thought about certain things and, if they’re anything like me, they’ll have got intrigued by other posts and links on your blog.

    Oh, and actually, you *do* have one New Year’s resolution, which you seem to have overlooked (*ahem*) – you’re going to do a joint reading of A Companion to Wolves with me and, actually, I’d be very happy to start it as soon as you’re free. So just keep me posted!

    I’m daunted by your book total (*prostrates self in genuflection of admiration*) – I thought I was doing well with 111! Wow. I’ll have to try harder to catch you up next year. I’ve just been examining your Goodreads page… very impressive stuff… And now over to you to fix the time of the joint reading. I’m certainly… intrigued… 😉

  2. P.S. Whoop! You beat me in virtually every other respect, but I managed an average length of 365 pages *despite* all your phenomenally long Chinese novels. Huzzah! *grins* 🙂

  3. Well, if someone actually puts the effort into writing a comment it shows they care about the post one way or another. Besides, it’s always nice to have some feedback and see that one is not quite preaching to the desert, as I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, being a blogger yourself. 😉

    As for the bookcount at Goodreads – yeah, there are a lot of magazines in there as well as individual episodes of the Witch Who Came in from the Cold which often run to 20-30 pages. It’s definitely borderline cheating and I probably would have had a bad conscience about it if weren’t for all those 1000+ page novels thanks to which I at least have a somewhat average pagecount. And there really should be some kind of quality indicator, too, to make a page by,say, Agatha Christie count less than a page by, say, Proust or John Ashbery.

    And lol, I don’t think doing a joint reading with you counts as a resolution – at least from how I understand a resolution is something you’d otherwise be reluctant to do, for whatever reason, something which is emphatically not the case here. 😉

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