Reading Project: Classic Chinese novels

What it says in the heading. Supposedly there are six of those (as we’re talking canon here, this should probably taken with several grains of salt), and I am planning to read all of them and hoping that I’ll manage a post on each. Here’s the list, with links to what I have so far:

Shi Nai’an: The Outlaws of the Marsh (14th century) – Post here

Luo Guanzhong: Romance of the Three Kingdoms (14th century) – Post here

Wu Cheng’en: Journey to the West (16th century)

Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng: The Plum in the Golden Vase (16th century) – Post here

Wu Jingzi: The Scholars (18th century) – Post here

Cao Xuequin: The Story of the Stone (18th century)

And as a bonus, some related stuff:

J.J Voskuil: Het Bureau (neither Chines nor a classic – yet -, but the novel which inspired me to embark on this project, and also, I think, a 20th century continuation of the tradition) – Post on volumes 1-4 here, on volume 5 here.

More Chinese books which are not among the six Classics:

Pu Songling: Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio – Post here

Raise the Red Lantern (Chinese film, because Leander insisted on it)

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