Carrie Vaughn: Kitty Saves the World

Kitty Saves the World: A Kitty Norville…We are currently having what is apparently the hottest summer since they are making records of those things, and with that brain-melting heat I’m sticking with light reading to keep me distracted. Fortunately, there three of my favourite Paranormal Fantasy series have had new volumes released just recently which should get me through this working week.

Kitty Saves the World is actually the finally installment of Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series about a female werewolf hosting a late night radio show. That sounds a bit gimmicky on first sight, but Carrie Vaughn made it work, with the added oddity of having her protagonist as a beta wolf rather than the ass-kicking heroine common for this genre (a very unusual and indeed quite daring move back then, as can be seen by a look at the and Goodreads reviews for the first volume). Kitty went on to do some serious butt-kicking in subsequent volumes, but the reader always had the impression that this was something she earned and worked hard for, making this one of the character-driven Paranormal series with its protagonists undergoing some actual development throughout the volumes.

I particularly enjoyed how Vaughn handled the way supernatural abilities fit into a mundane reality, and seeing Kitty and her werewolf, vampire and sorcerer friends navigate everyday life always was one of the chief delights of the series for me. Somewhat unfortunately, the author at some stage thought it necessary to introduce a Big Apocalyptic Masterplot (or BAM, as I like to call it) into the series, with an ancient vampire from Roman times plotting doom and destruction for all of mankind in some vast conspiracies. For me, that rather took some of the charm out of the series and I still much prefer the earlier volumes where adventure was on a smaller scale but also more intimate and involving.

Still, the series might have gotten weaker towards the end but it was still entertaining, and the big finale resolves everything in a nice fashion, not only revealing who the real big bad guy behind the BAM is but also giving a cameo to pretty much everyone who ever had a role in previous volumes. Obviously, not the volume to start the series with but long-time readers will be enjoying this a lot.


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