Sherry Thomas: Claiming the Duchess

Claiming the Duchess: Fitzhugh Trilogy Book…Sherry Thomas wrote three stories to accompany the novels of her “Fitzhugh Trilogy”. This one is the first chronologically, a prequel telling the story of how the stepmother of Christian (the male protagonist of the first volume in the trilogy) met her second husband. It is very short (I read it in about fifteen minutes, if that many) but also quite delightful, presenting an interesting Victorian-age riff on the supposedly modern-day “No Girls on the Internet” meme. (Which is kind of a spoiler, I suppose, but then Sherry Thomas keeps dropping hints so humongous that even the most superficial of readers will have figure it out about halfway through the story at the very latest.) With a story this short, you can not really expect much in the way of plot and character development, and you will not be getting much, either – what you will get, however, is a fast and fun read, which is also (at least at the time I’m writing this) free at Amazon, so there is nothing to complain about here.


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