Going With the Times

For being a virtual person I’m rather conservative about social media and all that other newfangled interwebs stuff. I do have a Facebook page somewhere that I never log into, have a Plurk account (which used to be all the rage in Second Life for a while – I wonder whether anyone is still using that?) that I have not touched in years, and never had a Twitter account.

Well, in the hope of giving this blog a publicity burst and maybe even gaining an additional reader, I have decided to give Twitter a try after all. I can’t see myself using it for much more than announcing new posts (like I’m already doing on google+), but you never know… There’s a widget with timeline and shiny “Follow” button if you scroll down the sidebar a bit, in case you feel the irresistible urge to check it out.



  1. And once again: hurrah that you’re on Twitter! So, you’re on Google+ as well? I’ll have to investigate. It doesn’t always seem to distinguish between my page’s profile and my profile, so if you get some random person adding you, that’ll be me. *Sighs*

  2. Yep, there should be a button here that lets you follow me on google+, too – for some reason it’s at the end of each post rather then at the sidebar – maybe some weird kind if diversification? I’m not that advanced that I had separate pages for myself and my blog there – seems I still have a lot to learn about this social media stuff 😛

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