Book Diary: Ruthie Knox – About Last Night

About Last Night by Ruthie KnoxI loved Ride With Me, Ruthie Knox’ first Romance novel, when I read it last year, and About Last Night confirms her status as (beside Meg Maguire) one of my favourite authors of contemporary Romance .

I liked this one slightly (very slightly) less thank her debut, but purely for reasons of personal preference – the British setting didn’t seem all that convincing to me (even with the cute flourish of having a male protagonist named “Neville Chamberlain” it felt more like New York than London) and I found the characters in Ride With Me just more relatable, probably because neither of them was an obscenely rich banker.

Having said that, About Last Night shines for the same reason Ride With Me did, namely that Ruthie Knox manages to make us feel that her central characters actually care for each other, and in turn we readers care about them, too. The sex scenes are hot, the humour witty, the plot chugs along at a nice speed and overall this was sheer, unadulterated fun.


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