Book Diary: Patricia Wrede – Searching for Dragons

Searching for Dragons: The Enchanted Forest…I really cannot think of much to say about Searching for Dragons except that, just like the first book in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, I found it very funny, utterly charming and highly entertaining. It has a different main character, Mendanbar, the King of the Enchanted Forest who turns out to be every bit as resourceful and unconventional as Cimorene was in Dealing with Dragons, and it will probably not surprise any reader, even the young ones this is chiefly intended for, that it does not take him long to run into her and they end up married by the end of the novel.

The path towards that end (during which we follow Mendanbar’s and Cimorene’s adventures to find the King of Dragons, meeting some familiar faces as well as several new ones along the way) seems somewhat straighter than in the previous novel, less twisted and less beset by distractions, but also slightly less quirky and whimsical (the latter quite possibly an unavoidable consequence of the former, “straightforward” being the natural enemy of “whimsy”). This is just a minor shift in the kind of enjoyment to be derived from this novel, though, not a decrease in its amount – Searching for Dragons is once again irresistibly charming, a huge pleasure to read and pretty much guaranteed to put even the most grumpy person into a good mood or elicit some giggles from even the most melancholy reader.


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