Book Diary: Terry Pratchett – Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures by Terry PratchettI should begin this with a confession: I never really got Discworld. It is not that I actively dislike those  novels, I just can’t quite see why almost everyone else is so enthusiastic about them. I started with the first one in the series (as, being somewhat OCD, I tend to do) and was not impressed, but people told me that I should just stick with it as things would get better later on in the series. Well, Moving Pictures is the tenth volume and I can not say that they have, not really. Certainly, this novel moves along smoother than the first few ones, but it still runs basically in the same tracks as previous volumes, they’re just somewhat better greased by the increased number of recurring characters and running gags.

Which does not mean that I did not enjoy reading the novel – quite to the contrary, it was very entertaining and I grinned a lot, even might have laughed out loud a couple of times. If I appear rather more grumpy than the novel justly deserves, it’s mostly because of the hype that would have one expect some trenchant satire, even original and meaningful insights from something that is essentially a fun piece of fluff. Moving Pictures is not a brilliant book, but as a light read that pokes some mild fun at Hollywood and the movie industry, it is fairly solid.



  1. Moving Pictures is one of the weaker ones. Pratchett changed over time – I suggest you try “Night Watch”, though you might lack some of the context from earlier novels.

  2. lol, that seems to be the thing with Pratchett (as it presumably is with any series that has run to close to 40 volumes…) – whenever you say you don’t like a volume, someone pops up to tell you that you’ve really only been reading the weak ones, and there is that that other installment (preferably like 20 volumes farther on than you are now…) which is a lot better than anything you might happen to have encountered yet. That pretty has been happening to me with Discworld ever since I read The Light Fantastic – first Equal Rights was the one where things supposedly got better, then, when that one, too, disappointed, Mort, on to Pyramids, on to Guards! Guards!… and now it’s Nightwatch, volume 29, no less. I have read ten volumes in the series out now, and seriously, if they I did not manage to wax enthusiastic about them now, it’s pretty likely I never will, no matter how many I read. As I am enjoying them, I’ll likely continue, at least up to Last Continent (which is currently the most recent one I own) but in all probability I will continue to remain grumpy about how the series is fun but not everything it’s cooked up to be.

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