Some good news

Seems that Thomas Pynchon (my favourite living novelist, just so you know) finally caved in and allowed his books to be released as e-books. I own his work prior to Vineland only as British paperbacks from around 1980, printed on cheap quality paper and badly bound, and of course falling apart after repeated re-readings; so this will be a great chance to get them in a more durable version (And let me just note in passing that all arguments against e-books that go on about the sensual pleasure of physical books are indeed valid, but apply only to a very small part of the actual books published, most of which (and that holds increasingly true not just for paperbacks but for hardcovers, too) are shoddily made and ugly and no pleasure to view or handle at all.) I guess it’s time for a Pynchon re-read, anyway, or maybe I should finally read¬†Against the Day instead…?


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