Book Diary: Barbara Wallace – Weekend Agreement

Weekend Agreement by Barbara WallaceI read Weekend Agreement four weeks ago, and can’t remember a thing about it – that’ll teach me to wait this long before writing a post, I really need to make a habit out of doing it immediately after finishing a book. Even looking at the Amazon blurp and a customer review does not bring anything back, it’s just one big blank. But, considering that this is a category romance and as such not really supposed to be anything but a bit of nice fluff, I cannot really hold the novel’s brief retention time against it, and while it obviously made no huge positive impression on me, it did not make a negative one either, so I guess it’s safe to say that I must have found it fairly enjoyable reading. Plus, as an added bonus, I could read it again tomorrow just as if it was new. Which means that, viewed from a certain angle, you get two (or potentially even more) books in one with this. Kind of.


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