Book Diary: Larissa Ione – Sin Undone

Sin Undone (Demonica, Book 5) by Larissa…Sin Undone is the fifth and nominally last in Larissa Ione’s Demonica series. Nominally, because the author’s current series, Lords of Deliverance, is set in the same universe and apparently shares some characters – in fact, there is some overlap in this novel already, with one of the titular Lords making his appearance here, and thus ensuring a seamless transition between the series.

As a result, Sin Undone does not convey much sense of an ending – sure, there is an apocalyptic plague that threatens to wipe out not just the werewolf population, but possibly all life, demonic and human alike. But our protagonists of course prevent that from happening (with a little help from characters from previous novels), and overall it feels very much business as usual for the series – another instalment in the ongoing saga rather than its epic culmination.

Which is not to say that the novel reads at all like a routine effort – it has the same mixture of twisted plot, steamy sex scenes and bizarre, over-the-top worldbuilding that made the rest of the series so much fun, and is every bit as enjoyable as the first four. I was just hoping for a bit more closure than “Now everyone in the family is happily partnered”, kind of more of a bang and less of a whimper (although I suppose it’s rather a moan, and a long and lustful one, at that). In the end, though, this is just a very minor niggle, and it likely won’t be too long before I start on reading Eternal Rider, the first novel in the follow-up series…


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