Book Diary: Molly Harper – Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men

Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men by Molly…I was in the mood for a bit of light reading, and Molly Harper’s Jane Jameson series is about as fluffy as it gets, basically the literary equivalent to an almond meringue – absolutely no nutritional substance at all, but irresistibly delicious. (The novels do get one better over the pastries though, in that they are also very funny.)

There is a theory that humour is a product of the clash of the ideal with the real, and Molly Harper’s is a very nice illustration of that, as a signifcant portion of the profuse amount of giggles, chuckles and outright laughter reading Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men elicited from me happened when the ideal of vampirism or werewolfhood as featured in countless paranormal fantasies crashed into real life (do vampires need a special toothpaste? how exactly do werewolves mark their territory?).

Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men is not just a spoof on Paranormal Romances, though, but in addition is populated with a host of bizarre and generally hilarious characters (among them quite a few quite horrible relatives of the heroine and her friends – one might almost get worried about the author’s family relationships), as well as lots of witty banter and entertaining snark. For the most part, the book reads like a series of connected episodes rather than a novel with an overarching plot (what there is revolves mostly around the heroine’s best friend’s wedding to a werewolf), but I can’t say that I missed it – I was enjoying myself too much to even notice (and the few times I might have, I was far too busy chuckling to care).


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