What I’ll Be Reading: Year of the Fantasy Classic

In a week, this blog will have its fourth birthday, and in all that time I have only once taken part in a challenge, and that was in December 2008… so with the blog being revived and all, I guess it’s time I tried my hand at another one. Obviously, it would have to be something book-related this time round, and after a bit poking around on some of my favourite blogs and some ruminating I’ve decided to accept the Year of the Fantasy Classic Reading Challenge hosted by  Lurv a la Mode.

YA Challenge
Books I plan on reading:
  • Fritz Leiber: Fafhrd & Grey Mouser (post on vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3vol. 4, vol. 5, vol. 6, vol. 7)
  • Michael Moorcock: Elric
  • C.L. Moore: Black God’s Kiss (post)
  • Clark Ashton Smith: The Return of the Sorcerer (post)
  • Charles Saunders: Imaro
  • Emma Bull: War for the Oaks
  • Peter S. Beagle: A Fine and Private Place (or some other novel of his)
  • Guy Gavriel Kay: Tigana
  • Patricia McKillip: Some novel (as pretty much everything by her is a classic)
  • Susanna Clarke: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

That’s rather a lot (in particular if you consider that both the Leiber and the Moorcock are multi-volume series), but I’ll just get as far as I’ll get, or maybe read some more, or maybe some different ones… it’s supposed to be fun after all.

ETA 31st of December 2012:
Looking back, I have written nine posts for this challenge, but only managed to cover three of the classics I listed at the start – guess that means that I’ve both succeeded in and failed the challenge. 😛 Next time I’m doing this something like this, I’m either going to stay away from series or just select a representative volume instead of going for the whole thing.
And last but very much not least, a big thank you to KMont for hosting this! It has been a lot of fun, I enjoyed both reading (or actually re-reading for the most part) the books and writing about them. I might even do another challenge some time!

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