Book Diary: Jennifer Crusie – Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time by Jennifer CrusieJennifer Crusie’s books are my ultimate comfort read – they are well written, intelligently constructed, very, very funny and above all, they tell heartwarming stories about credible people. This one is the first of her later ones that I’ve read, and while her early works are more or less purely Romance novels her later ones have a tendency to cross over into other genres – in this case the ghost story. The result is slightly less funny than I’m used to from her her books, but makes up for it with increased tension and general creepiness, and in general I think the mix works quite well here. Maybe This Time basically crosses His Girl Friday with Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw; in fact, it stays astonishingly close to James’ basic plotline, so much so that one might almost consider it a modern-day reworking of the 19th-century tale.  It does not quite attain the literary heights of The Turn of the Screw – but then, Henry James really sucked at Romance. Also, Maybe This Time is way funnier, so I figure that makes James and Crusie about even.


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