Book Diary: Kage Baker – The Graveyard Game

The Graveyard Game (The Company) by Kage…Fourth (!) installment in the Company series, this novel is markedly different from the first three – while those took place in a single location over a comparatively short period of time, the plot of The Graveyard Game spans several continents and centuries. It also moves the series from the past into the future, starting in 1996 and ending in the 24th century. Like the first three volumes, though, this is a highly entertaining read, wildly inventive and very intelligent. Kage Baker manages to the future she envisions both funny and bleak when she describes how the “civilized” world is gradually taken over by health nuts and moralizers, with meat, alcohol, chocolate and most literature being banned and sex becoming a highly suspicious activity. Lots of reveals about what the Zeus Company has been up to and might yet be planning – though I’m inclined to take those with a grain of salt, as they might yet turn out to be red herrings. The Graveyard Game will make absolutely no sense at all to anyone who has not read the first three volumes in the series, but everyone who has been following it will not want to miss this volume.


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