Book Diary: Warren Ellis & Darrick Robertson: Transmetropolitan Vol. 3 – Year of the Bastard

Transmetropolitan Vol. 3: Year of the…I am not much of a comics reader – I did of course read some back when I was a child, but eventually gave up on them as kid’s stuff and did not look back for a long time – until I started reading Sandman a while ago because everybody said how great that was. It turned out that I did rather enjoy it, so I followed it up with The Watchmen and am now making my way through Transmetropolitan, and it has been quite the fun trip so far.

After two mostly episodic volumes, the third one actually has some kind of ongoing plot – admittedly, not very much of it, but I’m not reading this series for its compelling plot anyway – I read it for the over-the-top personality of Spider Jerusalem, the wild imagination of Warren Ellis comes up with (like growing a vice president on a body farm, “creating that utter rarity, a politician with a clean past”) and the graphic inventiveness of Darrick Robertson (whose panels invite to linger and explore to find all the details they are crammed full with). Having said that, though, I’ll also have to say that the story takes a surprisingly grim turn right at the end – will have to see whether Transmetropolitan follows that up in its next volume. Stay tuned! (I certainly will…)


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