Book Diary – Darlene Marshall: The Bride and the Buccaneer

The Bride And The Buccaneer by Darlene…This one was a spontaneous buy – something reading on a Kindle tempts one constantly to, and a temptation I find myself very rarely able to resist. It does have the advantage of getting you the exact book you want to read at precisely this moment, and this worked quite well for me in this case.

A novel with a dashing pirate as its hero – that is already almost sufficient reason for me to like it, ever since watching Burt Lancaster in The Crimson Pirate when I was a kid. The title-giving pair (forced to marry in a pirate-saber wedding) are making their way through a rather implausible and somewhat silly but very fun plot that has them chasing after (what else?) a pirate’s treasure through Florida while their relationship develops from mutual dislike to sexual attraction to true love. I really loved the interaction between the heroine and the hero, their initial attempts at double-crossing each other, the gradual building of sexual tension and the slow  budding of deep feelings between them, all of them quite visible to the reader before the characters start noticing them, which I thought was some very deftly handling on the author’s part. Marshall balances the adventure and the romance very well, neither getting in each other’s way but rather enhancing each other and in consequence the reader’s enjoyment. Throw in the occasional bit of historical info and let us not forget several steamy sex scenes, and what you end up with is a fun romp that kept me well very entertained for several hours.


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