What I’m wearing – Belleza, Alyson group gift

I always liked Tricky Boucher’s Belleza skins kind of in principle (the male skins even more than the female ones – I probably should not give away my secrets like this (but then, who reads this blog, anyway?), but anyone wanting to hit on me can drastically improve his chances by wearing one of those). My former Mistress used to wear one of them when she wasn’t RP’ing a vampire, and I’ve been a group member on and off for a while now, but never really actually bought one. I got *very* close to it with Jesse, but for some reason or other didn’t get around to it.

Now, though, there’s Alyson…

There was a Christmas group gift of an earlier version which was nice, but didn’t really impress me all that much. The newest group gift, accompanying the release of the skin line, though… well, I guess “wow” sums it up best. I’m not too fond of the pale/medium/sunkissed skin tones which are a bit too yellowy/orange for my taste, but I ador the tan and deep tan tones. I don’t really have an eye for judging the quality of a skin in terms even pretending at objectivity, I just go by whether I look pretty in them or not, and the Alyson skin certainly does fulfill that criterion.

It (probably) won’t replace the Curio skins as my standard ones, as I think those have the more unique (not to mention cuter) faces, but I am definitely going to get myself a couple of  makeups in the Alyson line – as soon as I’ve decided which tone I want and selected a fatpack… or maybe I should just get the megapack instead.

If there is one gripe I’m having, it is my usual one about the breast shading being too heavy, making small breasts pretty much impossible, or at the least very weird-looking. But as I’m clearly in a minority there, I’ll just have to live with it, and the skins are no less wonderful for it.



  1. While the skin does come with a cleavage enhancement option, I’m not wearing that in the picture. While my boobage has increased a bit over time to keep up with the breast shading it’s been a while since I changed anything there, and they’re still on the smallish-to-medium side of things. Admittedly, I did put on a bit of weight recently, though.. .:p

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