What I’m wearing: ellabella – A Rose by any other name

Facial piercings are not everyone’s cup of tea – while everyone and their grandmother is wearing tattoos in SL, decorating one’s face with small bits of metal is still a minority thing. I’m not wearing any piercings in RL, but I’ve been an avid fan of them in SL ever since I found out they existed. After all, the virtual body is infinitely pliable, and lends itself to all kinds of modification that can just as easily be undone again.

By now, I’ve amassed quite a collection of face piercing, from the barely noticeable nosering to veritable arrays of spiky metal. My favourite designer of virtual piercings though I discovered only a couple of months ago when Dressing in Pixels blogged about her: ellantha Larsson and her store ellabella. I was immediately taken by the pictures in that post, and not long after by the piercings themselves, after having bought pretty much all the available ones – it’s pretty easy to come up with a decent piercing and to create a decent version of it, but it’s really hard to come up with something that is both original and looks appealing. And when it is done with as much craft and attention to every tiny detail as ellantha Larsson lavishes on each of her creations, one ends up with the most inventive and beautiful piercings on the grid.

Unfortunately, ellantha Larsson doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in the business end of things – which on one level is kind of cute, but on another can be somewhat annoying at times. There is (or was at one time) a Subscrib-o-matic for ellabella but it has been ages since I last got an announcement for any new releases; so I am forced to find out where her main store is currently located every few months, and then just grab everything she has released since my last visit. The location of her mainstore is another case in point – it is located inside Plastik and one can only reach it by a teleporter (which one has to find first) which is a bit wonky and apparently has a tendency to place one either on top of the store or half inside its wall.

Still, the piercings are worth every effort to get at them, witness my current favourite, A Rose by any other name:

The picture hopefully gives an idea of the level of detail involved in this creation – this is not just two or three identical basic prim conglomerates repeated over and over, but it consists of distinctive parts, placed with impeccable taste to form an esthetically pleasing whole. The end result in A Rose by any other name is even more filigree than her other work, and forms a happy union between piercing and more traditional jewelry.

Like all piercings from ellabella, it comes in three attachment points (chin, mouth, nose); this particular one also contains a nose-ear chain that attaches to the left ear. Due to this chain, and the link between nose ring and middle lip ring it might be very hard to adjust (I was lucky and had to hardly adjust anything at all), which also might be the reason for the ridiculously low price of the piece. Considering what you’re getting, it might in my opinion even be worth to adjust your shape slightly to fit the piercing, though.

Alternatively, there are lot more piercings to chose from, each one of them in ellantha Larsson’s own, unique style, and all of them strongly recommended to anyone enjoying facial piercings.

Edited to add: ellantha Larsson stumbled across this post and sent me an extremely nice IM in response to it in which she informs me that she adjusts any of her peircings to any shape for free. So, add great customer service to the list of things to recommend ellabella.


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