Month: February 2009

I Wish I Was the Moon

Just a  few more days until Neko Case’s new album is released. So here’s a video of a live performance of my favourite song by her:

And the direct link.


What I’m reading: Various Stuff

Contrary to appearances, I’ve actually not been idle, but been blogging more than ever – just not publicly. And I haven’t given up on this blog either, just been too busy to write much. I have been reading, though, and as I’ve fallen behind hopelessly with blogging about it, I’ll now do what I’ve been threatening to for a while, i.e. just post a list (with some short comments after each title) of everything I’ve been reading since Christmas.


Valentine’s Day

Appearances to the contrary, I’m still around, and even blogging more than ever before – just not publicly. Hopefully I’ll have a post that catches up on my reading before too long; in the meantime, here is this: me showing off the dress I got as a Valentine’s day present from Mistress.

V-Day present_01 by you.

And another one:

V-Day present_02 by you.