What I’m wearing: Cipher – Veloche and Prayer

I was in the middle of globe hunting yesterday when a friend IM’d me that there was new stuff at Cipher out that I might like. While it would slightly exaggerated to say I immediately dropped everything and hurried over there, I had been at Cipher Ivory’s store before, and knew I’d probably want this. What I found when I made it there, though, definitely exceeded my expectations in its jaw-dropping, drool-worthy yumminess:

Cipher_01 by you.

I’m actually wearing two outfits there – the “Veloche” mini dress and the “Prayer” shrug jacket. “Veloche” comes with tons of options: two prim shirts (belted and plain, each in two sizes) or alternatively a pair of short pants,  three different pantiehose (plain, sequin and – shown here – arabesque), a black halter top on the undershirt layer and a corset on the shirt layer (two versions, one with, one without shirt). The textures are gorgeous…

Cipher_02 by you.

… and the prim work exquisite.

Cipher_03 by you.

One distinctive feature about Cipher Ivory’s creations is her extensive use of the prim attachments, and the “Prayer” shrug is a good example of that: It consists of a jacket base and prim parts for both upper and lower arm, plus the high, laced-up collar that just oozes coolness:

Cipher_04 by you.

And while it’s a great mix-and-match piece, it works equally well on its own:

Cipher_05 by you.

In short, I really, really recommend you visit there a.s.a.p. The store is fairly large, and there is quite a lot of other great stuff to be found, with quite affordable prices as well.

What else I’m wearing:
Skin: Radiance Perse, by Curio
Hair: Layla in Licorice , by Frangipani (their sale seems to be still going on, so if you need some really nice hair for 20L per pack, I’d suggest dropping by)
Boots: Cataclysm in Black, by The Abyss


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