All dressed up #2

And here’s the second installment – me wearing the outfit Cajsa Lilliehook suggested two posts ago.

I have to confess, I’d never even heard of Zona Cero before, but once I had TPd there and things had rezzed for me, I soon found out that Casja was right – I did like the sweater dress, and the checkered coat, and the newly released tweed trousers. So here is the sweater dress (presumably in brown, though it looks more like olive to me):

Sweater_close by you.

It consists of a rough-knit top with a belt that has an oversized metal buckle (one piece on the jacket layer only) and puffy (prim attachment) shoulder parts, plus a skirt with cut-out flowers around its hem. You can either use the top on its own, or use the ensemble as a dress – if you opt for the latter, be warned that the outfit does not come with glitch pants, so wearing some underwear is strongly recommended.

The prim work is unremarkable, but does its job; the textures, on the other hand, are very well done indeed, giving a nicely realistic effect; the flower cut-outs on the skirt in particular are not only a cute design idea but also very well executed:

Sweater_full by you.

For the boots, I originally intended the freebie Engineer boots from J’s – but then I went to Storm Schmooz to check the landmark for the previous boots and stumbled across the Rubba boots… and who could resist a pair of boots that have Karl Marx on it? I for one definitely could not:

Sweater_boots by you.

One thing about those boots though: for some reason the lower leg parts of them was way too far down when I put them on first so that I had to adjust them. Just a minor annoyance and easily fixed, but still, it seems rather unnecessary. That apart, I do adore those boots (that also come in Che Guevara and Fidel Castro flavours).

And that’s it for that challenge then. Thank you, Peter and Casja, for your suggestions, and thanks to Achariya for cooking up the idea for it; on my end at least this has been a lot of fun.

What I’m wearing:

Skin: Radiance Perse, by Curio
Hair: Mai Black, by Zero Style
Dress: Lola Knit Dress & Sweater- Brown, by Zona Cero
Bracelet: Leather Bracelet, by UnTone
Stockings: Tintable Cable Knit Stocking Set, by Riddle
Boots: Rubba 2, by Storm Schmooz



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