All dressed up #1

As promised, here is my first post showing me off wearing stuff suggested in the previous post, this time presenting the gown Peter Stindberg wanted to see me in.

The gown I selected is neither from Blaze nor Ivalde, but “Isabella” from Rebel Hope, which I hope is okay. It sort of fits in here, too, because I bought it on the suggestion of a friend quite a while back. And it is quite a beautiful dress – a fairly classic ballgown, with a wide, bulging skirt and close-fitting bodice that is laced up in the back and leaves the shoulders bare. The texturing is gorgeous, giving the impression of sumptuous, shiny silk. It us also very versatile – it has a short sleeved option (not shown here) and a long-sleeved one that comes with a prim skirt, prim arms (the puffy bits)  and prim sleeves (all of which are no-mod for some reason – I am not sure if that is how they came originally though, as a brief check of my inventory turned out that suddenly a large number of my clothing seems to be no-mod clothes, certainly more than I remembered. I wonder if that is some SL bug?):

Gown_front by you.

The hair is Anisa from ETD (and I hope it’s formal enough). I skipped on the purse, but added some jewelry, the Marguerite Peacock Feather Set from Muse.

The Isabella set also comes with a cap, as well as with a modesty layer and a face veil (the latter making it usable as a Free Woman gown in Gor, too, should that be necessary):

Gown_cape by you.

And finally, the pumps, “Laque” by Storm Schmooz –  as they were not visible under the gown, here is a separate close-up of them:

Gown_shoes by you.

Second installment coming up soon!

What I’m wearing:

Skin: Radiance Film Noir, by Curio
Hair: Anisa in black, by ETD
Dress: Isabelle in Moonlit blue, by Rebel Hope
Jewelry: Marguerite Peacock Feather Set, by Muse
Stockings: Colette, by Gracile
Shoes: Laque in black, by Storm Schmooz


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