What I’m wearing: Nyte’N’Day – Reticent

Admittedly I might be a bit biased, seeing as I’m working at the store as a CSRep… on the other hand, I would not be working there if I did not like Nyte Caligari’s creations in the first place. And this isn’t a review anyway, so screw objectivity – I love this outfit:

Reticent by you.

It’s a mini skirt, together with leggings and a top that, although it comes in once piece (on jacket as well as the shirt/underpants layer), gives the impression of consisting of a low-cut argyle sweater that has  a knit jacket with its (sculpted) sleeves rolled up thrown over it. The ensemble effect is, as hopefully comes across in the picture, one of unobtrusive, but none the less terminal cuteness.

As always with Nyte’s work, the texturing and attention to details are impeccable, and as always with her best work, it has those little extras that make me squee in utter delight – like that little bit of just-right shininess she gave to the leggings, or – what really does it for me with this one – the buttoned straps holding the jacket together in front.

Reticent – Red, by Nyte’N’Day

Other stuff I’m wearing:
Skin: Radiance Siena, by Curio
Hair: Raychell Black, by Zero Style
Necklace: Jazz Funeral, by Balderdash
Shoes: Boot-alicious Ash Leather, by Maitreya


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