What I’m wearing: Jill – CMD dress

No, this isn’t turning into a fashion blog – I have another “What I’m reading” post in the works, but had a rather horrid day, and don’t feel up to finishing that. So here’s a picture instead:

Jill_CMD by you.

Notice the nice purple background? That’s actually the photo studio I’ve been working on – socialising in SL not going too well for me these days, I’ve had lots of spare time, and this is the result. Not all that impressive, I admit, but it’s still a work in progress.

Anyway, about the dress… I actually saw that one someone while out shopping, found out the creator via “Inspect”, then TP’d to her store only to find that this cute little outfit is actually a freebie! (It comes with legwarmers, too, but here I’m not wearing those, but my favourite ones from Shop Seu.)

The store is named Jill, and it has a lot more of cute knitwear, several outfits free, and the rest very affordable indeed, so it’s well worth checking out.


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