What I’m wearing: Kenza – Lust boots

A friend dragged me to Kenza today and badgered me into getting those boots… and am I glad she did:

Kenza Boots by you.

I had been to the store before, and bought some dresses there, but admit that I hadn’t paid much attention to the shoes, but this is defnitely going to change – as you can see with this boots (appealingly if somewhat enigmatically named “Lust”), creator Gwenaelle Greggan appears to be quite adept with sculpties and the boots are very well designed, with pleasing, well-rounded curves, a detailed ankle strap and cute ribbons around the top, all of it resulting in sheer boots yumminess.

The boots come as just one piece per foot, each of which attaches to the lower leg, which might need some getting used to – me not being one of the tallest avatars around, I had to push them up my calves a bit to avoid looking like I’d sunk into the floor. That was quickly done, though, and now they fit quite snugly while I strut around to show those beauties off.

Other stuff I’m wearing here:
Dress: Booty Call, by Solange
Hair: Nanase, by Zero Style
Tattoo: Beauty, Love and Prosperity, by EtchD
Skin: Radiance Russet, by Curio


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