What I’m wearing: Ce Cubic Effect – Shirt H5

Since Peter dragged me (kicking and screaming, of course) to register at some SL-fashion related networking site and since there is such an utter dearth of SL-fashion blogs, I’ve decided to do some fashion blogging here myself, to what I don’t doubt will be the unending gratefulness of my myriads of readers.

I won’t even pretend to have anything significant to say on this this subject, so no faux-reviews here; instead I’ll just use this as a pretense to post some pictures of my avatar dressed up nicely, so that everybody (well, everybody reading this, at least) can admire how pretty I look (and hopefully comment on it with some lavish praise).

To kick things off – this is the newest release from Ce Cubic Effect. I’ve admired their creations ever since first seeing them on a fashion blog for the great textures and the distinctive and detailed sculpty work. The latter, though, was also the reason why I always shied away from actually buying anything, as I was afraid it would be hell to adjust, if not completely impossible to have it look even halfway decent.

Those fears were confirmed when I finally caved in and got myself the Wrap tank mini dress – I absolutely adore the way it’s made and looks… but I never once wore it, because (being the klutz I am) I just could not get the prims fitted. So I vowed to never again buy another outfit from Ce Cubic Effect and to confine myself to admire them others – a resolve that (being as strong-willed as I am) lasted for about a month, or more precisely until the release of the Suede half coat.

And, surprise! – it actually was very adjust… probably due to it having a lot less prim parts than the mini dress does. So, I’ve kept an eyes on new releases from Ce Cubic Effect ever since then, and to finally come to the point of this post, they have a new shirt out that needed only minimal adjustment to look great on me, namely like this:

CCE shirt 5 by you.

Only the tails needed to be stretched a bit, otherwise it’s out of the box. Of course, your mileage might vary depending on your shape, but there is also a tucked-in version to make it even less of a hassle.

I seriously love this shirt; get yours here. Now if I just get that mini dress to fit me…


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