Month: September 2008



Wow! Two posts in one day

Okay, it’s just another silly internet test, but so what?

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Rant (concerning the most grave and important subject of hair packs in SL and some issues pertaining thereto)

So I’m standing at Zero Style, which recently has become my favourite SL hair store – gorgeous textures, fun styles and the most natural hair flow I have seen so far. BUT…

They used to sell the hair in one single colour that came in three different sizes, at 150L per colour. A couple of months ago, though, they changed that policy, and now have a single size, but three different colours per pack, charging 300L.
Now, on first sight that might even seem like a good deal – three hairs for the price of two. However, what you actually are getting are three hairs in almost identical colours – “Blacks,” “Brunettes,” “Reds,” etc. – again, it might seem logical to group hairs of one shade together but if you think about it for a moment, this rather sucks from the consumer point of view, as you end with three pretty much identical hairs. You might have a favourite shade of black, but that makes it all the more likely you’ll stick with that, leaving the other two to gather dust in your inventory, and effectively wasting (in this particular case) 150L.

Zero Style aren’t the only ones doing this, Armidi and Truth also come to mind, and I am sure there are more. If you absolutely¬† have to have packs, it makes a lot more sense from the buyer’s point of view to have them in mixed colours for some real variety, or at least (like some designers do) have solid and tipped versions in one pack.
The nec plus ultra in hair packs, though, would have to be the way Dernier Cri does it – you actually buy your hair untextured, but it contains a script that lets you choose a colour from the whole range of selections. You buy one, three or five “empty” hairs, then colour them any way you want – undoubtedly a brilliant idea. Unfortunately I don’t like the available textures much, but that is a different matter and not related to the present rant.