Yay, my first real entry! (Actually, I had finished writing this about three weeks ago, but wanted to add some pictures but that proved somewhat more difficult – or rather, me more incompetent – than expected. But I got it solved, and here it finally is. Did I already say “Woot!”?)

For a variety of reasons not feeling particularly sociable these days, I’ve been staying at home a lot and doing some redecoration. A friend dragged me to Safira’s Fantasies (a place selling Gorean, but also other antique-style furniture) from where I got several hours later with some beautiful but high-prim furniture.

So I was looking wistfully at my new gorgeous round couch when I noticed that about one third of its prim count was made up of pose balls… and remembered a nifty appliance that had been slumbering unused in my inventory for quite some time, named XPose.

XPose was created by Miffy Fluffy as successor to his MLP and, is according to the product spec, “a menudriven pose ball animation tool with many features”. Which is decidedly an understatement – the full, registered version can handle up to 15 pose balls, lets you play animations in sequence, add expressions and sounds to them or rezz objects (there is a free version, too, but that allows only two pose balls). So you not only get rid of all those ugly balls and reduce your prim count, but you get all sorts of neat features to play around with. The sheer amount of the latter is a bit intimidating at first, but it comes well-documented with sample notecards for the various settings, and once you have grasped the principle of how it works it’s pretty easy to set up.

Easy enough to get addicted to it, actually – the friend who first pointed me towards XPose spend days on end with adjusting pose balls, and ended up using it to rezz whole rooms… I’m not quite as far gone yet, but after finishing with the couch and stuffing a rug full with animations I’m considering tackling the upstairs sofa next, and then there’s the pool on the roof…


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